Discovering the world at 20km/h

A world bike tour at 20km/h

20 km/h (12.4 mph) …

This is a symbolic speed and this is also the average speed when you travel a long distance by bike. In my opinion, this is the best velocity to travel around the world.

At this speed, in contrast to a train, a car or a bus, you won’t miss the landscape because you’re travelling too fast. By bike, you are still able to stop whenever you want to look more precisely at what is around you or to meet people. Little by little the way to the “next” loses its barrier and lets you enjoy the present time.

“It is not the aim that counts, it’s the way” says Valérie Guignabodet, whose sentence sounds a bit like Nicolas Bouvier. When you do not travel faster than 20km/h, the way extends itself like a rubber band. Not only in space but in time too. This allows the traveller to extract its spirit and to make any human’s travelling speed an incredible experiment.

This website is called because this is the speed that should enable me to meet different people, tributes or culture in the most honest and less superficial way.

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  1. Abdul Kader Amien

    Hi William. How are you and the rest of the family doing? I trust everyone is fine. Let us know when you are leaving so I can diarise it and we would also like to be kept up to date how your trip is going. All the best and we in Cape Town, South Africa are right behind you. Give us a shout if there is anything you need from here. I read in the paper yesterday that Nigel Manser is canoeing in Iceland and just missed the “Ash cloud” I thought of you when I saw his name. Anyway, all the best for you, have a wonderful and safe trip, and enjoy the beauty out there! You are one of a few people that can really say you are living your dream! Enjoy! With best regards
    Kader, Fati, Imran and Leila

    May 25, 2011 at 17:33

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