Discovering the world at 20km/h

Budget and material


The estimated cost of this journey will be 22’000 Francs (approximately 15’000 Euros).

It means, still as an evaluation:

  • 5’000.- for the material (bike, tent, bags).
  • 5’000.- for the airplane tickets (flights Africa-America and America-Asia)
  • 10’000.- for the quotidian (food, eventual accommodations)
  • 2’000.- for the administrative part (Visas, insurances…)

In order to collect this sum, I work as most as often as possible on top of my studies: investigator for Jeko, handler in Drafil SA and shop assistant in Athléticum Flon in Lausanne. However I also count on you, reader! So if you feel generosity growing up in you, please entertain it and go to the section “Support me”! =)



I will soon publish a detailed list of the material that I will bring with me. Before this moment, here are some articles I am looking for at a low price and which are, maybe, forgotten at the bottom of a cellar or in an attic.

  • A tent “Vaude Hogan XT”
  • A light mattress type “Term-a-rest”
  • A camping stove “Primus Omnifuel
  • A camera “Canon” 500D or 50D
  • A light tripod

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