Discovering the world at 20km/h

Itinerary and actual position

Here is the map showing where I am

Pending, here is a sketch of the way I’d like to follow.

This itinerary has been chosen depending of the countries and regions I’d like to cross (Sahara, Brazil, Bolivia, Himalaya, Iran, Turkey) and also depending of the seasons. In fact, I should not meet winter because I will fluctuate between spring and summer. As a result of this, my equipment will be different as if I were going on a crossing of the Himalayas!

This route has a few difficulties: crossing the Sahara in late summer, the Andes and the Himalayas. They will force me to get over mountain passes of 4’000 and 5’000m and to ride climbs of tens kilometres. I hope to pedal through West Tibet and Pakistan but it will depend on the political situations there during my journey.

This is actually not a final itinerary because improvisation will play an important meaning during my trip. It is difficult for me to choose a definitive plan when I am sitting in front of my desk, far away from the reality of the trip.

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