Discovering the world at 20km/h

Who am I?

My name is William and I am living in Switzerland, around Lausanne. I am a student in Geography at University of Lausanne and I will complete my Bachelor at the age of 23, in June 2011. Then I will leave for the World’s roads.

I have always loved travelling, and I share it with my parents. We have already visited a few places: South Africa, Brazil, Antilles, USA…

I had the idea for this project five years ago. During the last five years, I have read books about bike-travellers’ experiences such as Sylvain Tesson, Claude Marthaler or Jean-Pierre Vuilloment. Little by little a teenager’s dream became clearer and then the year, the month and the time of the departure became increasingly close.

Here is an overview of my last trips that confirmed my willingness to do this journey around the World:

–          Scotland, summer 2008: 750km by bike in The Highlands during eleven days, by two.

–          India, August 2008: volunteering in one of Mother Theresa’s orphanage in Calcutta with some friends.

–          Normandy & Bretagne (France) by bike, August-September 2008: 1’000km during ten days, alone.

–          Lausanne-Chiasso by bike, May 2009: 400km in five days; by two.

–          Visit of The Balkans, July 2009: journey of three weeks by bus, train, scooter and hitchhiking; by two.

–          “Great Crossing of The Alps” by GR5, August 2009: from Leman Lake to Mediterranean Sea on foot. More than 600km in three weeks; alone.

–          North of Italy, September 2009: by bike, 250km in three days between Domodossola and Milano; by two.

–          Lausanne-Paris, April 2009: by bike, 550 km in four days; by two.

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