Discovering the world at 20km/h

Support me

To finance the trip, I have been doing a few jobs beside my studies. Unfortunately I won’t be able to collect on time the necessary funds for my project.

That is why I ask YOU – friends, relatives, colleagues, unknowns- to help me complete my budget on time! That is why I suggest to support me “à la carte”.

A la carte”, what does this mean?

We all like to receive postcards, especially when they have been sent from further countries. Some of them finish on the fridge’s door whereas others finish in unusual places for example my uncle has a very interesting collection on the toilets’ door. However, not many people have already received postcards from Bolivia, Mauritania or Iran. That is why if you donate, I will send you one or a few postcards from countries that are in my itinerary. It is an alternative to the classical sponsorship by kilometres; like that you will be able to receive my own thanks from the end of the world!

There are a few possibilities for the sponsorship “à la carte”:

  • SIMPLE formula:

One postcard for a donation of 40 Switzerland Franc (30 euro, 25 pounds)


  • MEDIUM formula:

Two postcards for a donation of 60 Switzerland Franc (45 euro, 38 pounds)


  • COLLECTOR formula:

Four postcards linked to a photograph taken by myself and send when I’ll be back in Lausanne for a donation of 150 Switzerland Francs (115 euro, 95 pounds)


Students can have a 50% concession, if they would like it.


If you are ready to sponsor like that, please contact me at the e-mail address below.

Many thanks in advance!!

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